1. Parties to this purchase contract are identified as:
  2. (Breeder info) (Buyer info)

  3. This purchase contract is an integral part of today's sales transaction, in which the breeder sells and transfers a (fe)male male Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy to the buyer in return for reciprocal promises made in this contract and payment of $xxxx.00.
  4. Buyer agrees that the puppy shall be permanently identified with a scannable microchip registered with a nationwide database.
  5. The buyer agrees to notify the breeder promptly of any change of address, so that proper records may be maintained.
  6. This puppy is AKC registerable. The breeder will send the registration application to the buyer when it is received from the AKC. The buyer will then choose a name for the puppy and register it with the AKC. The puppy shall be registered using the word "SAGA'S" as a prefix to the name you choose.
  7. The AKC Registration Type is 'Limited'. Limited Registration allows participation in official AKC obedience, hunting, and tracking activities, but not conformation. Under the Limited Registration, no offspring of this puppy may be registered.
  8. If, for any reason, the buyer decides not to maintain this dog in their home, the buyer agrees to give the breeder the first option to purchase the dog for the amount of $xxx.00.
  9. The buyer acknowledges reading "Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Information" by initialing here .