Saga's Puppy Photo Gallery

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Devlin with some friends

Devlin standing in one place

Devlin running.

Duke - Palm Springs/Marina del Rey

These are all the people who flew in to the Mission Circuit for the Welsh Springer Spaniel Nationals

OK, this is sorta what Gary looks like!

Some people claim that Gary is
actually this famous singer

Honey, getting a BOS at Mission Circuit!

Same Honey, without the pesky people.

Here's a Law School joke

Jessie, Sandi, and Misty

This is Koty and his good buddy, Jeffrey Picard, on a fishing trip.



Yeeee-ahhhhh! Splash Mountain!

T-Bird, lives in Fullerton

Tickles, what a cutie!

Hey... TJ is now in Alabama with my Son and Daughter-in-law

Trekkie, Ron's Dog