Saga's Welsh Springer Spaniel Availability *note

Saga Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies

Litters of puppies are expected once or twice a year at SAGA. The breedings are carefully planned, and the puppies are raised in our home, with plenty of human contact and socialization. All parents are OFA good or excellent, Champions, and have cleared eye checks.

Currently, we are planning a breeding in late May (2000). Puppies may be available to go out to new homes approximately 4 months after that. If you are interested in obtaining a puppy, first read the information sheet. then fill out the informational questionnaire, which you may download here in Word (.doc) format or you can get it here in ASCII Text (.txt) format. Save it and print locally. Send it to us, wait a couple of days, then contact Sandra to interview.

---Time flies again!! The pups in the Puppy-Cam are out of Mollie and Tucker

As usual, any pups that we don't plan to keep for ourselves will be available at about 8-10 weeks of age.

Honey and her litter Chloe and her litter
Honey with her last litter of 9 pups! Can you find them all?

We often have an ultrasound scan done before they are born so we can get an idea of how they are developing and about how many to expect.
Here is one of the ultrasound shots -- the ultrasound tech marked it up to emphasize the features!

Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue

Occasionally, a Welshie is found in the pound. Not often, but we remove them from the pound and keep them for placement in a good home. ( Call to discuss )

Previously-Owned, Quality Dogs may be available

Looking for an older dog? Perhaps one whose owners passed away, or could not keep their Welshie for some reason? ( Call to discuss )

A listing on this page is not an "advertisement" per se. Welshies will be placed only in "appropriate homes". The determination of what is "appropriate" is at the discretion of the breeder or owner.

SAGA is not a Commercial Breeder, Backyard Breeder, Puppy Mill, Broker, or Buncher. SAndra and GAry (hence SAGA) are Welsh Springer Spaniel breed fanciers, members in good standing of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, Inc., and are involved with what is usually called Hobby Breeding. We like the definition given in A Dog Owner's Guide for a Hobby Breeder:

A breed fancier who usually has only one breed but may have two; follows a breeding plan in efforts to preserve and protect the breed; produces from none to five litters per year; breeds only when a litter will enhance the breed and the breeding program; raises the puppies with plenty of environmental and human contact; has a contract that protects breeder, dog, and buyer; runs a small, clean kennel; screens breeding stock to eliminate hereditary defects from the breed; works with a breed club or kennel club to promote and protect the breed; and cares that each and every puppy is placed in the best home possible.

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