Prado Regional Park has 50 full hook-up campsites (sites #1 - #50). All campsites will accommodate RV's. There are only 16 of the hook-up sites that will accommodate tents. (see park map). Each site has a picnic table and fire ring. The campground restrooms have showers. Campers must have a tow vehicle on site for their trailers.

There are 25 partial hook-up (sites #51 - #75) with electric and water only. There is a dump station on the park. The partial hook-up sites are used for RV groups. Individual campers may use the sites for short term stays ( 2 WEEKS LIMIT). Tents are not allowed in any of the partial hook-up sites as these sites are in a fully irrigated area.

Laundry facilities are located at the meeting room. Building (see park map). The meeting room is available for group activities by reservation. There is a camp store and snack bar adjacent to the park boat dock.

The park day use hours are 7:30 am to approximately dusk, every day of the year except Christmas day. The park is closed to use after dusk and campers must return to the campground after the day use areas of the park are closed. The front gate closes at dusk except on Friday nights, when the gate is open until 9:00 pm. Inquire at the gate as to how to enter the park at night.

Fishing is available year around, the lake is stocked weekly in the summer with catfish and in the winter with trout. There is a separate $5.00 fishing fee (8 years and older) and a $2.00 fishing fee (0-7 years old), which is not included in the camping fee. A state fishing license is required for all ages 16 years of age and older. Night fishing is not allowed.

full hook-up $20.00/unit/night. A unit is up to 2 motor vehicles
Partial hook-up $16.00/unit/night. Same as above
$ 5.00/vehicle/night if there are more than 2 vehicles
$ 2.00/person/night if there are more than 4 people
$ 1.00/dog/night (Normally not collected for dog shows)
WEEKLY: $120.00 full hook-up, due upon arrival
$112.00 partial hook-up, due upon arrival
MONTHLY: $400.00/unit, due upon arrival

The park will accept most maior credit cards

All campers are required to show proof of insurance, current registration on their motor vehicles, as well as a valid driver's license.

Length of stay:

A reservation for weekends must be for both Friday and Saturday nights. The first night rent must be received in advance to confirm a reservation. Reservations may be made 1 year in advance.

** Refunds:
To receive a full refund, cancellations must be made 30 days in advance. Cancellations made at least 10 days in advance will receive a 50% refund. No refund will be given for cancellation less than 10 days


1. Quiet in the campground is required between 10:00pm and 7:00am.
2. Maximum amount of people per site is 8. After the 4th person each additional person up to 8 will be charged $2 per night.
3. One RV/Trailer is permitted per site. If you have more than one you will be charged double for the site,
4. Camper(s) must have a tow vehicle on site for their trailers. Trailers cannot be dropped off.
5. You are expected to respect other campers, their sites, belongings, and their privacy. This includes, but not limited to, walking through others sites, unwanted company, and soliciting.
6. Check out time is 3:00pm. Failure to renew by 3:00pm may result in your site being rented to another camper. Payment after 3:00pm is considered late. PLEASE NOTE Two (2) late payment warnings will be given. Three(3) late payments Equals eviction.
7. Camping tents are allowed in designated tent sites only (see park map).
8. Shade covers and awnings are allowed in all sites as long as they are on the dirt or pavement. No shade covers or awnings are allowed on the grass. No metal skirting allowed.
9. The turf areas are irrigated at night, do not leave items outside that cannot get wet.
10. Fires are allowed only in fire rings or containers elevated at least 16" above the ground.
11. Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6' at all times, per Co Ordinance. Pets can be tethered on the concrete table, sewer vent pipe, or RV unit. Pets may not be tethered to trees or staked to the grass. Pet owners must pick up after their pets. Campers may be asked to leave if their dog(s) disturb other campers after 10:00pm. All pets over the age of four (4) months must have current vaccination with a rabies vaccine approved by the CA State Dept. of Public Health and be officially tagged(licensed) per County Ord# 1764 Sec.32.027. Records must be shown upon request.
12. All vehicles must be parked on the asphalt. Campers who have more vehicles than will fit on the asphalt will be asked to remove excess vehicles from the park.
13. All vehicles must have current registration tags and proof of insurance.
14. Changing oil and working on vehicles is not allowed in the campsites.
15. Fireworks and firearms are prohibited on all San Bernardino County Parks.
16. Operating off-road vehicles on the park is prohibited.
17. Damaging trees is not allowed and may result in prosecution. This includes nothing being tied to the trees, including dogs, awnings, shade covers, clothes, etc. No cutting or breaking of limbs is permitted.
18. Littering is unlawful and may result in prosecution. Please use receptacles that are place throughout the campground. Only usual and customary household trash permitted, all other trash is up to the camper to dispose of properly. Please keep the park clean for all to enjoy.
19. The campsite must be kept in a presentable manner free of litter and debris. Storage is not allowed at the campsites. Placing items under trailers is not allowed. No structure(s), buildings(s) shed(s), storage container(s) refrigerator(s), or furniture are allowed in the campsites. Necessary camping items that are kept outside should be kept together in an orderly manner. You may be asked to leave if your site is not kept in an orderly manner.
20. Minors may not camp unsupervised. No minor children can be left unattended. A minor is any person under the age of 18.
21. Campers must obey all speed and traffic limits. Speed limit in park is 20mph. and lomoh in campground, as posted. Remember children play here. Campground roads are one way only. Please observe directional arrows!
22. When entering park camper and all guests must stop at gate and identify themselves and give the site number. Each guest vehicle will be charged $5 entry fee. All campers and guests must use proper procedures for entering park gate after closing.
23. It is against County rules to solicit any person or to run a business on county property.
24. Violation of any park rule, county ordinance, local, state or federal law can result in prosecution and/or eviction. These rules were made to benefit everyone, Thank you for reading and abiding by them. Park staff is available to serve you in any way we can. We hope you enjoy your stay and we thank you for your patronage.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all camping rules. The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and the Park Director may add of amend park rules at any time.