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If you would like to make a trophy donation, Waitlist a banquet/box lunch, or T-Shirt, use this! Fill in the appropriate boxes, and press "Mail THIS!"
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CLOSED April 13 Catalog Advertisement, full page, with picture or pictures, only $25 per page!

Trophy Donation of $ for the following class or classes:

CLOSED April 21 WAITLIST FOR Banquet people at $30.00

CLOSED April 21 WAITLIST FOR Box Lunch Reservation for people at $8.00

T-shirts: CLOSED April 21 WAITLIST FOR a T-Shirt . . . we cannot guarantee that your T-shirt order will be filled.
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Please indicate if you will be picking T-shirts up at the Nationals, or if you need them shipped to you ($5 shipping for up to two, $7 for up to four). Also, enter any other neccessary instructions below:

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