In accordance with Ordinance No. 3254, Chapter 4, Section 28.033(a) of the County of San Bernardino, the following rules have been established for your safe, healthful, and convenient use of the County's Regional Parks.

1. To gain entrance into the park, all entrance fees shall be paid by park visitors.
2. No person may enter the park after having been denied entry or having their permit revoked by Regional Parks staff.
3. Dogs must be on a 6" leash or confined at all times. Leashes shall not be tied or attached to any tree of shrub. Proof of current vaccinations may be required.
4. Vicious animals are not allowed on any park.
5. All vehicles and drivers must be legally licensed and have liability insurance in amounts specified by California Law. Proof of insurance may be required before admittance to the park.
6. All motor driven vehicles and bicycles must observe posted speed limits, remain on roadway or designated bicycle pathways, and park only in designated areas.
7. Camping, fishing swimming, horseback riding, and picnicking are permitted in designated areas only.
8. Persons shall not remove, destroy, or mutilate any park property.
9. Trash receptacles must be used at all times.
10. A California State Fishing license is required for all fishing and must be shown to park employees upon request. A five (5) fish limit is imposed on all species of fish except crappie, bullhead catfish, carp and blue gill on which there is not limit. Fishing is allowed in designated areas and only during the established park hours.
12. Fireworks and firearms are prohibited on all parks except as permitted under the rules for the Prado Tiro Shooting Range.
13. Private boats meeting departmental policies and rafts may be launched at Moabi.
14. Regional Park, Lake Gregory Regional Park, and Prado Regional Park only. Private boats must meet Coast Guard regulations and have flotation devices for each occupant (Type II of Type Ill).
15. Personal flotation devices will be available for use by the public at no charge every day designated by lifeguards swimming facilities or Regional Parks operated boat rental areas in operation. No other privately owned floatation device of life jacket will be allowed to be used in these facilities.
16. Children, eight (8) years of age and under, must be accompanied by a person sixteen (16) years of age or older, at all times.
17. Soliciting, selling, peddling of goods or a distribution of circulars is not permitted.
18. Radio and remote controlled boats are allowed in designated areas only and operators must have liability insurance in the amount established by County. A boat capable of retrieving is necessity when operating this type of equipment.
19. All rental boats must be operated in a safe manner and in accordance with posted and/or written rules. Flotation devices, as provided by County for rental boats, must be used by all persons twelve (12) years of age shall have a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device at all times while using pedal boats, aquacycles, rowboats, motorized boats, or other water crafts on Regional Parks lake or waterways.

NOTE: The County reserves the right to make such other and further reasonable rules as in its judgement may from time to time be necessary for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises, and for the preservation of good order.
Any breach of the above rules may result in your removal from the park.