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I am much more rare than the "Common Spaniel". My colors are always a deep rich Red & White. We and our cousins (who are colored Black or Liver & White) are among the first of the British Spaniel Breeds.

We both are referred to as "Springer Spaniel" because we originally were used for our talent of springing game from cover to be taken down with a falcon. Now, with shotguns in common use, we continue to flush game, giving the birds a sporting chance in the face of the hunter and his more modern weapon. Even today, however, there are still a few "retro" hunters who use us as a member of their falconry team.

We Welshies love to run and cavort in the fields, but we aren't quite as fast as our cousins. One nice thing though, is that we have not been split into field and show classes like them. We can go hunting on Saturday and compete in an AKC conformation show on Sunday. We are also quite a bit calmer -- that makes us lots easier to live with!

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