Hints for dealing with . . .

A Bad Hair Day

By Sandra Ilmanen, WSSCA Education Chairman

Our Welshies' sleek, shiny, red coats are one of their prettiest features. But on occasion, after a bath, they can look like a sheep ready for shearing! The pretty neck appears to be a giant lion's ruff and perky curls fluff up the area above their tail.

The traditional solution for this is to "towel" the dog's coat. This is done by placing a bath towel lengthwise along the dog's back (on a smoothly brushed coat) and then pinning the towel in place at the throat, chest, and tuck-up with diaper pins. After a length of time (with luck and a sleepy dog) you will end up with a (mostly) smooth back.

Some years back I was introduced (Thanks, Carol!) to an alternate method. Besides resulting in a sleek coat, it does NOT involve pointy objects and provides great comic relief to everyone who sees the dog.

After using my hair dryer to blow the coat dry, I dress the dog up in panty hose. Yep -- two pairs per dog.

Prescription for Bad Hair
A. Front half of dog One leg is cut off and placed over the neck and head.
Note the small hole cut for the ear to be pushed through on each side.
The other leg is cut off rather short.
Both front legs go through the opening.
B. Rear half of dog Cut small hole for tail.
Cut off both legs

Next, Insert Dog C into Stockings A and B:

I take care to be sure the coat is laying flat and straight under the pantyhose and leave it on the dog as long as necessary to flatten things out. Adjust the panty hose size to the size of the dog -- a too-tight waistband will result in a "groove" in the coat.

Once, I left it on until we got to the dog show. The resulting hilarity as Rio looked out the car windows caused several near-accidents on the highway! As we unloaded the car at the show, people were nearly screaming with laughter. Now I take it off at home before leaving.

-- Sandra Ilmanen, Education Committee

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