Welsh Springer Spaniels

A member of the Sporting Group

Welsh Springer Spaniels are sturdy, intelligent sporting dogs!
They make excellent pets!
For a wonderful house dog, look to Welsh Springer Spaniels!

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Saga Welsh Springer Spaniels

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The American Kennel Club recognized the Welsh Springer Spaniels in 1906 -- however, there were none registered by the AKC Between 1926 and 1948!

Welsh Springer Spaniels are dogs of ancient origin, ideally 17-19 inches in height at the withers. Body length may be the same as the height but never shorter, thus giving a rectangular silhouette.

Their head and ears are totally different from those of other spaniel breeds.

They have a coat that is naturally straight, flat and soft.

Welsh Springer Spaniels are active dogs displaying loyal and affectionate dispositions.